Add Greenery to Your Desert Place

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A boring place with no life, isolated and no mere trace of hospitality, this is probably the picture that crosses your mind when you think of a desert. However, deserts do not have to be boring, especially when we are talking about your garden. Read on for some tips that will make your make visitors envious of your desert garden.

Desert plants have different mechanisms of coping with the dry conditions. They have leaves and stems that are so pleasant to the eye. Plants such as cacti and yareta are great choices for your desert garden.

Cactus is arguably the most common desert garden plant. If you are looking to grow it, there are a variety of species you can go for. Ideally, you should look for paddle cactus, the most favored species of the cactus family for garden cacti. Alternatively, plant the golden barrel cactus which has an interesting architecture. Apart from cactus, other plants that will be great for a desert garden include:

  • The agave. This desert plant is used to make tequila and is also great for decoration. The plant produces rosettes of fleshy and wonderfully colored leaves and can be easily cared for when put in a pot.
  • Yuccas. This is another desert plant that should be in your garden. The plant features spiky foliage and offers a nice base where other plants can evolve.
  • Cleome. The plant is a great choice for your desert garden. The plant can grow between other plants.

Cacti and euphorbia dessert plants are perfect selections for home owners in areas that are hot and dry. If you decide to keep the plants, make sure your desert garden is in an enclosure. Also, park the plants tightly like the way annuals are packed to support them to grow. To enhance the look, you may also keep the heaps of golden sand around the plants.

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