Brief Guide for Easy Sod Installation

Sod Installation

Many people want to decorate their homes through growing various plants. They may want to make a specific pattern as the plants grow. Thus there is a need to find a way of shaping them to the desired shape. This is why various companies have come up with making sod for clients with various needs. You should keep in mind a few things when installing any sod in your outdoors.

Proper Measurements

When you have measured the area (in terms of square footage) to be sodded, ensure you add an allowance of five percent for cutting grass around the sod. This also ensures you do not damage the sod during cutting of anything around these structures.

Soil Preparation and Grading

Prepare the ground properly by adding a top soil on the surface on which you will place the sod. This makes it easy for grass roots to penetrate the surface and even attach itself strongly. Also, remove anything that may prevent easy root penetration. Ensure you level the soil using a grading rake to ensure there are no bumps. You may have to use a sod roller if the soil is not uniform.

Buy and Lay the Sod

You need to buy the sod from a reputable supplier. Remember that you should buy something at least two feet long that is quite dense and does not easily detach because it already has its roots network to hold its soil. When laying, place the first row of sod nearest to the edge of any structure. You should use a sod cutter to adjust the shapes to your desire.

Watering and maintenance

Water for at least 45 minutes within the first two weeks to push roots into the soil. After that 20-30 minutes shall be enough. Mow the sod when it has firmly attached to the ground.

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