Popular Herbicide Might Be Linked to Cancer and Parkinson’s Disease

Spraying Weeds

Weeds are annoying. They can choke off plants in your garden, drive cracks into your pavement, and overrun your lawn, but the next time you think about using Round Up, think again.

The key ingredient in Round Up is glyphosate, trace amounts of which are now believed to have been found in food. This may not sound like a huge problem, given that many herbicides can be found in food (many people try to avoid this by switching to ‘organic’ foods and are no better off), but it is. The problem with glyphosate is that it enhances the damaging effects of other chemicals and toxins found in food. Many of these toxins have been linked to cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, and infertility.

Farmers are now planting millions of acres of genetically altered ‘Round Up-Resistant crops.’ Conceivably, crop dusting is the only way to grow produce on a mass scale without being over-run by weeds, and crops that would wither to glyphosate, the active agent in Round Up, just wouldn’t be conducive. Crop dusting results in a blanket herbicide that kills weeds at the base, and leaves the crops in question standing tall. Many crop dusters are using Round Up as their herbicide of choice.

Up until recently, this was thought to be a safe and effective way to get the job done.

A study performed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has suggested that this is no longer the case, and probably hasn’t been for a while. The presence of glyphosate in food has not been determined absolutely. Presently, the issue is under investigation. Scientists agree that the matter is of critical importance. If glyphosate is found in food, drastic safety measures will be imposed upon the agriculture industry to ensure that Round Up is no longer used in crop dusting.

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