Top 7 Tricks to Stop Birds from Dirtying Your Patio Deck

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7 Tricks to Stop Birds from Dirtying Your Patio Deck

Chirping of birds can be music to the ears. But if they start dirtying your patio deck, it can be a real pain and you will start viewing them as pests. There are easy and effective tricks to stop birds from dirtying your patio deck. However, using just one technique may not prove as effective as a combination of techniques mentioned below.

Try these tips to keep bird off your patio!


Place a powerful magnet in your patio. It will disrupt the birds’ sensing direction and keep them away from the patio.

Bird Repellent:

This is a non-toxic way to keep birds away from your patio. You just apply it on the surface of the patio deck and furniture and when birds land on the surface, they will not like the sticky feel of it and fly away.

Old CDs:

Hang old CDs from the gutter surrounding your patio. When sunlight hits these CDs, they will reflect light everywhere and birds do not like it.

Visual Scare Devices:

Get fake owls, snakes and coyotes and place them on the deck. Birds will think they are real predators and stay away from your patio. However, be sure to keep changing the position of the devices to ensure their effectiveness.

Sonic Repellers:

These repellers emit cries of distress of the target species of birds and hunting cries of that species’ natural predators. They are quite effective, as they frighten birds and keep them away.

Roost Inhibitors:

Use spikes, sticky tapes and sticky chemicals on ledges, tree branches and outcroppings around the patio to keep birds from roosting and dirtying your patio and furniture.

Bird Feeders:

Place bird feeders away from the patio, so that the birds do not use your patio as a place to roost before heading to the feeder or after enjoying a good treat.

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